Personalised Worlds Best Dog Story Book

Personalised Worlds Best Dog Story Book

Dispatched in 4 working days

Now available in Hard or Soft Cover. Gorgeous drawings of different dogs playing, walking and getting up to mischief illustrate your personalised story where we learn all about your dog's adventures - from their name and physical description, where they live and walk, games they play, what they eat and get up to in the day (eg sleeping in the sun, chasing cats), best trick (eg standing on two paws) and a bad habit (eg chewing shoes).

Choose more than one child and we'll include all child's names and text changes to "we" etc. Only one dog per book. Your personalised gift message is printed on the inside cover.

If the dog lives with you, remember to include child in the "Who dog lives with" question eg: Mummy, Daddy and me. If the dog lives somewhere else, don't include child eg: with Aunty Sophie and Uncle Dan.

  • Tips to writing your story:
  • - Read the story below so you can see how your answers fit in the sentence
  • - The story is written on behalf of the child
  • - Only use capitals where they are needed eg: proper names
  • - Remember punctuation if needed (commas etc)
  • - Include "the" if needed eg: "the park" and remember verbs eg: "playing football".
  • - We read each book and will amend tenses etc, but will not amend your spelling or the content of your answer.


made from:

Choose from Soft Cover, or upgrade to a beautiful Hard Cover, perfect bound and matt laminated to protect your book for years to come.

The Story

My dog is the best dog in the world and his name is (Dogs name eg Travis). There are small dogs, big dogs, fat dogs, thin dogs, fluffy, hairy, messy, mucky dogs... and then there is Travis! He is a (breed or description). He has a squishy, wet nose and a big, pink tongue. He lives (who they live with including child eg Mummy, Daddy, my brother Isaac and me) at (where they live eg: 15 Harwood Close, London.) He has a comfy bed and is never allowed on the sofa! (or always allowed on the sofa - choose from dropdown.) We take him for walkies every day. His favourite place is (favourite place eg Victoria park). He sniff, sniff, sniffs and wags, wags, wags his tail with all his doggy friends! His favourite game is (game eg: catching a ball) which he plays over and over again. He never seems to get bored. When he’s not out on a walk, Travis likes to (other hobby eg: sleep in the sun and chase the neighbour’s cat.) We feed Travis every day. He has a special bowl for his food and one for water. He really likes his food, especially (favourite food eg: Dentastix). Travis is a very clever dog. His best trick is (trick eg: to get up on two paws to beg for food!) Good boy! Sometimes Travis is a little bit naughty, just like me! He likes to (bad habit eg: chew Dad’s trainers), and looks sad when he’s told off... although not for long! Travis loves living with us, but there is one thing he (loves/hates - choose from dropdown) more than anything else - having a bath! Afterwards we give him a cuddle and a brush and he looks good enough to win a dog show.


Each paperback book is printed to order with bright vivid colours on heavyweight paper and a matt laminated cover to protect your book.

24 pages, 210x250mm when flat (a little shorter than A4)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lovely book

I ordered this for my baby to always remember his first pet and it is ideal. Lovely illustrations and wonderfully personalised.

Hi Jasmine, What a lovely reason to give this gift! Thanks for letting us know and glad you liked the book. Wendy
Fantastic book

I ordered this book to start a collection of books for my Grandson’s first Christmas. I wanted something personal with his name in and also our dog who has already got a special bond with. The book is everything I could have wished for and I know he will have years of pleasure from it. The quality is good, delivery good and so overall deserves the 5 star rating. Thank you to all those concerned in its making.

Lovely Gift!

Outstanding customer service and a really lovely product. Thanks!

Thanks Rosanna - Really glad you liked the personalised book. Wx
Absolutely brilliant!

Bought for a friends new baby, thought it was such a lovely idea and it was greatly received by my friends who are just as obsessed about their dog as they are their new baby. I agree with another review about the pictures in the book being personalised to the dog you are writing about but all in all this is a lovely book and wonderful story. Wouldn’t hesitate to buy again. Quickly delivered also. Thank you.

Lovely gif for baby's first Christmas

I love this book. Ordered it for my baby's first Christmas. I like that I could add personal info like where we like to go for walkies. The only thing I can think would improve the book is if the illustrations matched the story, eg. Breed of dog, favourite trick and food etc.

Hi Samantha, So please you loved the book. We will be adding more personalised options and books in the coming months so do keep a look out for new titles. Wx

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