Personalised Pet and People Portraits

The perfect gift, personalised pet and people portraits from a photo. Let our team of artists create a unique portraits based on a special photograph of a treasured pet, family group or friend. Our pencil sketch or graphic line style can capture that special moment. Choose from the range of styles below. Framing options and multiple copies of artwork available.
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New Letterfest personalised product
letterfest illustration People Line Portrait
letterfest people Personalised Illustrated Poem Or Vows Print
letterfest people Personalised Family Line Portrait
letterfest illustration Story Of Our Pets Illustration
letterfest illustration Watercolour Pet Portrait
letterfest illustration Watercolour Line People Portrait
letterfest illustration Favourite Dog Print
letterfest people Bride and Groom Wedding Illustration
letterfest people Mummy and Me Illustration
letterfest people Daddy and Me Illustration
letterfest people Family Portrait
Family Portrait
letterfest illustration Bespoke Horse Illustration
letterfest illustration Bespoke Cat Illustration
letterfest people Bespoke Father and Child Portrait
letterfest people Bespoke Wedding Portrait
letterfest people Bespoke Mother and Child Portrait
letterfest illustration Pet Portrait Sketch
letterfest illustration Bespoke Pet Illustration