Pet and People Portraits

Perfect for any occasion, give them one of our unique portraits based on a special photograph of a treasured pet or your family. Our pencil sketch or graphic line style can capture that special moment.
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Personalised drawing of your cat with a green patterned background
Black and white personalised portrait in a white frame
Bespoke Horse Illustration - illustration - Letterfest
Bespoke Mother and Child Portrait - people - Letterfest
Bespoke Pet Illustration - illustration - Letterfest
Bespoke Wedding Portrait - people - Letterfest
Bride and Groom Wedding Illustration - people - Letterfest
Colour Pet Illustration - illustration - Letterfest
Bespoke hand drawn Daddy and Me Illustration - people dad child portrait - Letterfest
Family Portrait - people - Letterfest
Family Portrait
Bespoke Hand Drawn Mummy and Me Illustration - people portrait - Letterfest
Pet Portrait Sketch - illustration - Letterfest
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