Personalised Black And White Baby Book

Personalised Black And White Baby Book

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Say thank you with this gorgeous personalised book, especially designed in black and white for baby, a perfect gift for your first Father's Day.

You can specify who the book is about - Daddy, Mummy, Step-Mum, Grandma, Aunt - the choice is yours! Whatever you choose will be repeated through the book eg: Thank you Daddy for being the best Daddyin the world.

The child's name is printed as the author and illustrated with graphic balck and white illustrations of animals.

Printed with a personalised message so they can treasure the book as a keepsake in years to come-- for example, "For my Daddy - love Oscar, with a little help from Mummy who did the typing!".

Tips on writing your story:

  • Read the story below so you can see how your answers fit in the sentence
  • Only use capitals where they are needed eg: proper names
  • Remember punctuation if needed (commas etc)
  • We read each book and will amend tenses etc, but will not amend spelling.

    Made from:

    Printed to order with bright vivid colours and a laminated cover to protect your book. Be careful when entering your text in the form as we don't amend spelling! Choose from the standard 'Soft cover' or upgrade to a beautiful perfect bound 'Hard cover', which is matt laminated to protect your book for years to come.

    The Story:

    Personalised answers shown in italics. The xx will be replaced with whatever you call the adult.

    • - This book is for my (who the book is for e.g.: Daddy) (adult’s full name), love (name of child).
    • - Thank you xx for being my best friend and helping me everyday.
    • - Thank you xx for feeding me with yummy food. My favourite is (child’s favourite food e.g. mashed carrot).
    • - Thank you xx for loving me as much as you do, even more than (something adult loves e.g: chocolate!)
    • - Thank you xx for reading me the best bedtime stories and doing all the funny voices.
    • - Thank you xx for making every day an adventure, especially when you take me to (somewhere adult takes you e.g.: Baby Bounce).
    • - Thank you xx for spending so much time with me. I never feel lonely when I'm with you.
    • - Thank you xx for playing lots of games with me. My favourite is (child’s favourite game e.g.: Peekaboo).
    • - Thank you xx for looking after me and making me feel better when I am poorly.
    • - Thank you xx for keeping me comfy and warm when I fall asleep in your arms.
    • - Thank you xx for being the best xx in the world.


      24 pages, 210x250mm when flat (a little shorter than A4)

      Customer Reviews

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      Lovely Gift
      Hi Jaymie, Thanks for the review and so glad you like the book. We are adding a preview option soon so this should help with checking how the text reads through the story. Will also have a chat here about the idea of catering for babies, it's a great idea and I think we should be able to tweak things so it works. Thanks for the suggestion. Bob
      Nice personalized book
      Beautiful personalised book!
      Such a Beautiful gift

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