So the 14th of February, Valentine's Day… time to celebrate love and romance. And what better way to spend it than a romantic night in? Just the two of you with so many possibilities of activities. Here at Letterfest we’ve devised our top 10 stay-at-home Valentine’s ideas for you to try this year, pick as many as you like, make it a real special night.

Candle Lit Dinner

Cook a romantic meal together, light some candles, set the table and create some ambience. You can wear your Sunday best or even your PJ’s, a night in gives you the option of being as fancy or as comfy as you want as long as you’re spending it together. 

Get Baking

Bake something delicious together, from cupcakes to crème brûlée, whatever you like, you could even make it a competition, think Bake Off but with a little more passion. Then you get to eat the tasty treats and continue the night of romance. Maybe leave the clean up for the next day. 

Grab a takeaway

Not really into cooking or baking? Fret not! Order your favourite takeaway, crack open a bottle of your favourite beverage and make it into an indoor picnic, the best part of a romantic night in is there's no one there but the one you love. Make the night your own. 

Sensual Spa

Add some relaxation to your week and have a private spa night for the two of you, think bubble baths, face masks, foot/ back rubs and obviously adding some wine to this wouldn’t be the worst idea. 

Romantic Movie Night

Who wants to go to the cinema when love is in the air? Have a private screening of your favourite films with popcorn and cuddles on the sofa.

Video Gaming Duo

There’s always video games to get the two of you really interacting and having fun, have a mini tournament and see who comes out as champion. 

Retro Gaming 

For all those retro fans why not have a board games night of fun? Twister, Bananagrams (similar but quicker game of scrabble), battleships… Any favourites work here.

Star Crossed Lovers

Lover of the stars? Hopefully it's not raining for this one; wrap up, put a blanket on the ground, grab your sleeping bags and lay down in your garden and just enjoy gazing at the stars.

It Takes Two to Tango!

If you’re wanting a bit more action for your Valentines night in, why not have your own dance class in your living room. Learn to tango or salsa in the comfort of your own home. You might not be able to compete on Strictly! But it can be a fun night full of giggles.

Creative Crush

Getting crafty is another way to spend your night in. Maybe paint a portrait of one another… with your eyes closed? What about Papier-mâché? Or even just make each other presents from scratch.

This is just a handful of ways to spend your Valentine’s and however you choose to spend it think about not just your partner but all your loved ones because this world could always do with a little bit more love in it.