Gifts from older children for grandparents

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for grandparents, look no further. We have a gorgeous range of personalised keepsake gifts, which we’re sure they’ll treasure forever. For the avid gardeners we have personalised hand engraved terracotta pots, and beautiful art prints for their home, which we’re sure will be displayed with pride.

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letterfest terracotta Engraved Birthflower Plant Pot
letterfest illustration Personalised House Portrait
letterfest terracotta Personalised Birthday Engraved Terracotta Pot
letterfest book Personalised Grandparent And Me Book
letterfest book All About Dad Personalised Book
letterfest illustration Pet Portrait Sketch
letterfest terracotta Engraved Terracotta Name Pot
letterfest illustration Personalised House Line Illustration
letterfest book Daddy Me And The Family Tree Personalised Book
letterfest terracotta Personalised Couple’s Celebration Flower Pot
letterfest stone Engraved Name and Date Pebble
letterfest illustration Our Favourite Place Watercolour Sketch
letterfest illustration Colour House Portrait
letterfest stone Engraved Message Pebble
letterfest terracotta Engraved Bee Plant Pot
Engraved Bee Plant Pot
From £30.00
letterfest terracotta Personalised Herb Pot
Personalised Herb Pot
From £30.00
letterfest illustration Personalised Watercolour Car Sketch
letterfest illustration Story Of My Houses Watercolour Illustration
letterfest illustration Watercolour Pet Portrait
letterfest illustration Personalised Watercolour Boat Sketch
letterfest illustration Favourite Dog Print
letterfest terracotta Engraved Handwritten Couples Pot
letterfest terracotta Engraved Butterfly Plant Pot
letterfest illustration Story Of Our Pets Illustration
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letterfest terracotta Personalised Engraved Christmas Plant Pot
letterfest art Story Of My Grandparents Print
New Letterfest personalised product
letterfest terracotta Personalised Birthday Horoscope Plant Pot
letterfest art Watercolour Family Tree Print
letterfest terracotta Personalised Family Tree Decorative Plate
letterfest terracotta Engraved Pottery Memory Plate
letterfest art Vintage Family Tree Poster