First Fathers Day Personalised Book

First Fathers Day Personalised Book

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Celebrate your first months of being a new parent!

Tell us the amount of days since baby's birth - remember to do it from day you are giving book (eg dad's birthday) not from day of ordering.

The story is written on behalf of the baby, thanking Dad for all the wonderful things he does eg how he makes the baby laugh, places they visit, going to sleep etc. Select how many children the book is from - if twins, all text will be changed to "We love" etc (although the pictures show singular woodland animals).

On the first page we print a personalised message so they can treasure the book as a keepsake in years to come - for example, "For my Daddy - love Oscar, with a little help from Mummy who did the typing!".

  • Tips to writing your story:
  • - Read the story below so you can see how your answers fit in the sentence
  • - The story is written on behalf of the child
  • - Only use capitals where they are needed eg: proper names
  • - Remember punctuation if needed (commas etc)
  • - Include "the" if needed eg: "the park" and remember verbs eg: "playing football".
  • - We read each book and will amend tenses etc, but will not amend your spelling or the content of your answer.

Made from:

Printed to order with your text. Be careful when entering your text in the form - we won't amend spelling! Choose from Soft Cover, or upgrade to a beautiful Hard Cover, perfect bound and matt laminated to protect your book for years to come.

The Story:

(Baby’s date of birth) The day you became my Daddy… and an expert in me! You are the best Dad in the world and no one can do it better than you.
You keep me happy and safe in our home in (home town e.g. London), and I’m your number one fan! You know how to make me smile by (what you do e.g. tickling my feet) and how to send me to sleep by (what you do e.g. driving around in the car). 
You are a world expert at changing nappies, even though I wriggle and make it as hard as possible! I love the thoughtful gifts you buy me, they make my tiny world even more amazing. My favourite is (favourite object or toy e.g.: my cloud mobile) but I’m growing up so quickly that might change very soon!
I know being a Daddy is sometimes hard, even for one as amazing as you. You are so patient with me, even when (something challenging baby does e.g. I pull at your hair all the time). 
Thank you for making my life so interesting, by taking me to (places you go e.g. baby groups or Grandparents).
I know I can be a little bit messy! Thank you for always cleaning me up, so I can make a bigger mess next time! I love it when we look at each other and you make me smile.
You are the first person I want to see in the morning and the last one I see at night (and sometimes during the night as well!) I’m sorry for squealing sometimes, it’s just my way of saying, ‘I miss you!’
Thank you for giving me millions of kisses, hundreds of cuddles, (amount of days since birth) days of happiness, and your love, forever and always.


Printed to order with bright vivid colours and a laminated cover to protect your book. Be careful when entering your text in the form - we won't amend spelling! Choose from Soft Cover, or upgrade to a beautiful Hard Cover, perfect bound and matt laminated to protect your book.

24 pages, 210x250mm when flat (a little shorter than A4)

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Utterly incredible!!!!
Hi Sarah, Thanks for the review, really appreciate your kind words. Wendy x
Slightly disappointed
Hi Charlene, So sorry to hear you didn't like the softback version of the book. We do offer a hardback option for an extra few pounds. All our books, both hard and soft, are printed on really good quality paper and many people have found that the softbacks books are often easier for little hands to hold. Let us know if you would like a hardback one doing as I wouldn't want you to be disappointed. Best regards, Bob

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