Here at Letterfest we are committed to the protection and conservation of our incredible environment. We are invested in creating and maintaining an environmentally driven and sustainable company. By the end of 2022 we plan to have ecological solutions for our packaging, recycling and printing. 

As part of this drive we have created an opportunity for our customers to be part of our journey.

We have our very own woodland site perfectly positioned in a protected North Devon Biosphere. Our site sits next to the Taw Estuary,  making it a sanctuary for wildlife as well as being designated a site of special scientific interest.

We have been working closely with owners David and Nicola who are supporting us to grow and nurture a 5-acre site of woodland, planted with trees purchased from the sales of our tree project books! 

Not only does each purchase enable a tree to be planted, our books educate and inspire young minds and parents/carers to start thinking about the importance of taking care of the world around them. 

Since the project started David has been busy on the site planting the trees as well as battling the ever changing weather conditions here in North Devon. An unusually dry April meant a delay in planting to ensure the soil was in the perfect conditions to start establishing the new roots. Once the conditions were suitable for planting David began the task of preparing the holes for each tree with and planting them. With a range of Sessile Oak, Hazel, Wild Cherry, Mountain Ash, and Hawthorne carefully selected for their ability to withstand the elements of North Devon including strong winds the woodland is beginning to take shape. 

Whilst we are living through a time of crisis and change it is important to reflect on the positive outcomes that have been achieved through this period. Our wonderful woodland is just that and has been able to flourish and develop. Our aim to develop a product that not only educates, inspires and entertains whilst enabling consumers to be a valuable and practical part of our Eco Vision is something we can all be proud of!