Is Mowing the lawn just another task on your to do list? 

What if I told you don't have to cut your grass for a month... and no it doesn't mean you have to get yourself a pet sheep, or invest in a robot mower. In fact it doesn't require you spending a single penny!

Hear me out....

No Mow May! For an entire month gardeners are encouraged not to cut their lawn!

Yes you did read that right

Wildlife and nature expects have discovered that by allowing the grass and garden to grow, just for 1 month, you can actually help pave the way for new plants, increasing the chances of bees, butterflies and birds paying a visit to your garden. 

Wildflowers are not only low maintenance (great news if you are anything like me and struggle to keep a basil plant alive!) but even what you might consider weeds can be really beautiful! Did you know just eight dandelions could produce enough nectar sugar for an adult bumblebee’s energy needs! And with bees on the decline, they need all the help they can get from us.

So rather than cutting your grass being just an extra chore, make yourself a brew, pull up a pew and watch your little good deed of no mow may work its wonders. You never know what might find its way into your garden. 

There are some great articles from national trust and countryfile where you can read more about it. We would love to see your garden if you are taking part or if you have seen some wildflowers on your travels! Use #NoMowMay and tag us in your photos. @leterfestgifts