Metallic Heart Pebble

Metallic Heart Pebble


An enrgaved pebble with a choice of a gold or silver heart. A perfect little gift for Valentines, anniversary or just because.....

Choose from white or plum grey pebbles.

GREY - warm plum-grey hues / WHITE - off-white chalky hues (there will be variations in colour, markings and shape as this is a natural stone product)
Choose from highlighting the heart with gold or silver. 
Gift box - A stylish white gift box is available, tied with ribbon.

See our other listings to personalise them with text. 

Please note:The pebbles are not man-made. They are natural stones smoothed flat on river beds and may contain imperfections e.g. chips, fissures and cracks, mottling, colour blemishes and fine grey thread lines (the white shows up more flaws than the grey and come in a range of shapes). Stones will vary in size, shade, shape and texture; if you order two stones they will not match. We have taken a rough, organic product and left it in its natural state, engraving the type like a stamp in the stone. We hope you'll appreciate the uniqueness of these natural stones, and treasure them as a personalised keepsake.

GREY - length range between 7-9cm WHITE - length range between 6-7cm

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