Reasons We Love Our Teacher Book

Reasons We Love Our Teacher Book


Celebrate the reasons you love your teacher with this gorgeous storybook, perfect to celebrate end of term from individual children or the whole class.

Select how many children the book is from - if more than one child, all text will be changed to "We love" etc. Illustrated with gorgeous illustrations of woodland creatures - the book covers 10 reasons why you admire your teacher.

On the first page we print a personalised message so they can treasure the book as a keepsake in years to come-- for example, "For Mrs Matthews Thank you for helping us grow this year, love from the Class of 2018".

Tips on writing your story:

  • Read the story below so you can see how your answers fit in the sentence
  • The story is written on behalf of the child
  • Only use capitals where they are needed eg: proper names
  • Remember punctuation if needed (commas etc)
  • Include "the" if needed eg: "the park" and remember verbs eg: "playing football".
  • We read each book and will amend tenses etc, but will not amend your spelling or the content of your answer.

Made from:

Printed to order with bright vivid colours and a laminated cover to protect your book. Be careful when entering your text in the form as we don't amend spelling! Choose from the standard 'Soft cover' or upgrade to a beautiful perfect bound 'Hard cover', which is matt laminated to protect your book for years to come.

The Story:

There are a million reasons we admire you, but these are our favourite... We love the classes you teach in our school in (town).You make lessons fun and exciting especially (favourite lessons). You are interesting, friendly and helpful, making sure we understand even the most difficult lessons. You always listen to what we have to say and are always there for us, even when you are very busy. You are helping us learn all about the world, and make us want to learn more. You care about us and make sure we are happy at school. You work hard and make us work hard too, but there’s always time for play! We love your sense of humour and all the stories you tell us! You are brilliant at making the books we read exciting. Our favourite book this year was (favourite book). (Name of teacher) - you are the greatest Teacher in the whole world.


24 pages, 210x250mm when flat (a little shorter than A4)

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10 reasons why I love my teacher
A must for those special teachers!

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